Food From Work Makes You Fat

Junk Food Really is Killing Us

Is your workplace making you fat? | Health24

Researchers surveyed more than 5 000 people and found that about one in four working adults said they got food or beverages from work at least once a week. Many of those foods were high in calories, processed grains, and added sugar and salt, according to scientists at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“People should probably be concerned about all the foods they’re getting at work. So many of them are free, but people don’t realise that all those free foods do add up to a lot of calories over the week. And, those calories don’t necessarily line up well with [healthy] dietary guidelines,” said study author Stephen Onufrak. He’s an epidemiologist with the CDC’s nutrition division.

The study reported that the average worker ate about 1 300 calories of foods obtained at the office every week.

The highest calorie items people got at work – free or purchased – included pizza, soft drinks, sandwiches, chips, cookies, brownies, donuts, pastries and burgers.

Is your workplace making you fat? | Health24