Your Workout Clothes May Be Poisoning You

your workout clothes may be poisoning you

Your Workout Clothes May Be Poisoning You

Exercise improves your health and lifts your mood, but were you aware that toxins in your workout clothes may be poisoning you? Research has shown that some sportswear contains harmful toxins such as chemical dyes, polyfluorinated chemicals (PFC’s), and solvents, and companies such as Nike have been quick to phase out these chemical ingredients, but it’s only through more consumer action that other companies will follow suit. 

The Chemicals and Toxins in Your Sportswear

A Greenpeace report shows startling evidence that our clothes may be contributing to long-term health concerns. When you’re active and sweating in these clothes, harmful chemicals can leach into your skin, possibly contributing to endocrine disruption, and research has shown that PFC’s and solvents are linked to various types of cancer. The Greenpeace report has affirmed much of the research that has highlighted the potential health risks of chemicals used in sportswear, which include dyes, solvents, and polyfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), which make clothing items water, grease and stain-proof.

What You Can Do

One of the best things you can do to avoid toxins in your sportswear is to purchase 100% organic and/or 100% cotton clothing. There are also companies that make workout clothes made with hemp, flax, and bamboo. You will have to do your research and ask the company you are purchasing from if their brand uses any chemicals during production.