Get Your Spice On with Organica’s Organic Culinary Package

Get Your Spice On with Organica’s Organic Culinary Package

Organica’s Organic Culinary Package is a bundle of natural organic, kitchen herbs, spices, oils and condiments which are non-irradiated, non-GMO and free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals. They are a simple drop-in replacement for all those products that you’re currently using that contain harmful chemicals, which are a red-flag health risk for you and your family. Imagine your food without any herbs, spices or condiments. Unimaginable? Of course! Herbs and spices deserve a lot more recognition for the nutrients they provide. They don’t just make your food taste good, apart from adding colour, flavour and taste, the consumption of herbs and spices provides us with infinite health benefits. They pack more antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties than one would expect, right from the kitchen to their medicinal uses at home, spices have an important role to play.

While all herbs and spices are good, here are some interesting benefits to focus on about some of the products that we include for you in our Natural Culinary Package:

Origanum – there are also a numerous of health benefits associated with its potent antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties.

Parsley – Myricetin, a flavonoid found in parsley and other plants, has been shown to help prevent skin cancer.

Sage – has been shown to improve brain function, lower inflammation, boost the immune system, regulate digestion, alleviate skin conditions, increases bone strength and prevents the onset of diabetes.

Basil – has been shown to be an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and powerful adaptogen.

Rosemary – research provides ample evidence that rosemary not only improves memory, but helps fight cancer.

Chilli – the antioxidants present in chilli help to cope with cholesterol. It also helps burn calories.

Thyme – has been used to treat bedwetting, diarrhea, stomach ache, arthritis, colic, sore throat, cough, including whooping cough, bronchitis, flatulence, and used as a diuretic, to increase urination.

Cinnamon – supports natural production of insulin and reduces blood cholesterol.

Coriander – can be used externally on aching joints and rheumatism. It is also good for coping with sore throat, allergies, digestion problems, hay fever etc.

Pepper – helps coping with cold, cough, infections etc. It helps to deal with muscle pains and digestive problems.

Paprika – packed with antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin B6, capsaicin, lutein and zeaxanthin, this spice protects against degenerative eye diseases.

Chilli & Cayenne Pepper – Interestingly the capsaicin contained in chilli and cayenne pepper shows a great deal of promise in treating autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Turmeric – helps deal with skin problems. Turmeric powder can be used for healing cuts and wounds. It also makes coping with diabetes easier.

Garlic – is useful for coping with cough and cold. It also has antibiotic properties.

Ginger – helps to avoid digestive problems. It is beneficial for coping with cough and cold.

Mustard – mustard consists of omega-3 fatty acids, and is an excellent source of iron, zinc, manganese, calcium and protein.

Coconut oil – high in saturated fats which increase healthy cholesterol and converts unwanted LDL cholesterol into healthy cholesterol.

Olive Oil – high levels of antioxidants, rich in healthy monounsaturated fats and may prevent strokes and heart disease.

Organic herbs and spices are flavourful and strong in taste and aroma, so a little goes a long way.