Is Your Shampoo Harming Your Health?

organic shampoo

Most people use a shampoo to wash their hair on a regular basis, however, many people aren’t aware that this common hair care product may contain ingredients that could be harming their health. For many, their choice of shampoo comes down to cost, brand, perceived effectiveness or even fragrance, however, a growing number of consumers are now reading the ingredients on shampoo bottles and basing their purchasing decisions on safety.

Shampoos are generally made from a mixture of water, some form of foaming agent and a variety of other ingredients that combine to make a product that smells good, looks good and appears to do its intended job of cleaning hair. But some of the ingredients that are commonly used are harsh chemicals that have been shown to be potentially harmful to human health, either individually or in combination with other ingredients, and may pose various health risks ranging from skin conditions to cancer.

When confronted with this information for the first time, consumers are often shocked because it’s natural to assume that personal care products are safe for us to use. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Profits are the motivation for many companies and it is fairly safe to say that human health and safety are not priorities for the companies that use these toxic ingredients.

Consumers have the power to change the decisions that companies make about the formulation of products, encouraging manufacturers to use safer ingredients by educating themselves, asking questions, reading ingredient labels and changing purchasing habits.

The good news is that our generation is now taking steps towards healthier environmental choices and safer natural products for their families. Choosing organic products like organic shampoo is a key step in this process. Organic shampoos contain natural and organic ingredients which are safe for the environment and the body. These shampoos contain natural ingredients such as essential oils, coconut oil, hemp oil and aloe vera which are all beneficial for the hair and skin.

Heres how organic shampoo makes a difference

– Safe for everyday use and do not strip the hair of natural oils
– Helps protect the environment and water systems
– Beneficial for psoriasis, dermatitis and allergy sufferers
– Chemical free, sulphate free and paraben free
– Provides natural moisturising and repair using essential oils
– Supports the organic industry which reduces the environmental impact of chemical-based agriculture.

Natural ingredients in organic shampoos and conditioners are not only gentle and safer to use, but they also help support the nourishment and health of the hair.

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