The Benefits of Organic Washing Powder

benefits of organic washing powder

Certain household products might be damaging your health, and one of those may be your washing powder, as many commercial varieties contain chemicals and artificial preservatives, all toxic to human health. Simply put, the benefits of organic washing powder just cannot be underestimated.

The Dirty Truth

When selecting a washing powder, it’s common to ignore the ingredient list printed on the back of the product. If you were to look at the ingredient label on most washing powders, you’d probably notice that surfactants are listed, and this ingredient is a wetting agent that helps water penetrate fabrics. Surfactants can release benzene, a toxin linked to cancer and reproductive disorders, and don’t think the rinse cycle will protect you. The ingredients in these detergents are known to agitate our health and can contribute to allergies, even in minute quantities. Chemicals found in conventional washing powder emit fumes that are constantly inhaled throughout the day, which may have damaging consequences on endocrinological and neurological health. When you use organic laundry soap, you and your family are avoiding those dangers.

Phosphate, a common chemical added to washing powder, has significantly damaged the environment and hastens a process called eutrophication, which is the natural ageing process of a body of water such as a dam or a lake. The addition of phosphates causes an increase in nutrients in the water, which in turn, accelerates plant growth. The plants die more rapidly than they can be decomposed which can lead to algae blooms which can choke up waterways and consume excessive amounts of oxygen, causing the death of fish and other aquatic organisms.

The Clean Answer

Choosing organic detergent can significantly reduce the harmful chemicals that come into contact with our bodies. The benefits of organic washing powder are that they do not contain chlorine, phosphates, synthetic dyes or perfumes, all of which can cause allergic reactions and skin outbreaks. The best alternative for environmental and physical health is to purchase organic detergents that are made with natural, certified ingredients. They are more gentle on fabrics, healthier for our bodies, and safer for every living thing.