The Facts About Organic Skin Care

organic skin care

The Facts About Organic Skin Care

There’s no question that organic skin care products are a must. We’re constantly bombarded by pollution and harmful chemicals in our environment that are absorbed by our skin, so being mindful to understand the facts about organic skin care and avoid unnecessary additional toxins can do wonders for your health, especially when you consider the products you’re applying to your skin and face.

Organic Products are Better for Your Skin

Non-organic skin care products can expose your skin to endocrine disruptors such as mercury, emulsifiers and parabens, and even the flame retardant propylene glycol, which can be absorbed by your skin and cause untold damage. One recent study suggests that many organic ingredients demonstrate antioxidant properties that support anti-ageing effects, so going organic will eliminate your exposure to toxins and provide your skin with a much-needed boost.

Organic Products are Better for the Environment

Traditional skin care products often contain chemicals that damage the environment. After you use these products, they get washed down the drain, where all those toxic chemicals accumulate into the water supply; these toxins then spread to the environment. A recent study suggests climbazole, a common anti-dandruff additive, contains a fungicide that kills off algae and is toxic to fish. You might also have heard in the news how microbeads, the tiny plastic pieces used in many beauty products to exfoliate, are finding their way into lakes, rivers, and oceans. Fish and other organisms ingest the toxins carried by the microbeads, which are themselves plastic and toxic, and, all these toxins end up in our bodies.  Simply put, organic skin care products aren’t adding to those poisons.

Verify the Organic Label

While you should make the switch to organic skin care products, be sure you understand what you’re purchasing. Sometimes the “organic” or “natural” label on the product might not mean what you think. Some of the ingredients to look out for are fragrance, parabens, and triclosan. For a complete list of harmful chemicals check out our article The Ugly Truth About Beauty Products. Compare the organic skin care product to your typical face cream product – there are no toxic chemicals, irritants, or preservatives but instead ingredients you can pronounce and recognise such as hemp seed oil and whole leaf aloe vera. It would make an excellent start to your organic skin care regimen.