Diet Cooldrinks May Increase the Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke

Diet cooldrinks tout “light” and “zero” (referring to their sugar content) as being more healthy than their sugar-laden counterparts. However, studies are showing a disturbing trend particularly among daily consumers of these beverages, that points to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. We’ve curated two articles referencing the same study that discuss the…

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Do CBD Infused Foods Really Work?

These days, CBD infused foods are the new in-thing. Everything from sports drinks to haute cuisine is getting the CBD infusion treatment. The question is: are you actually getting any benefit from consuming CBD laced foods and drinks? This article takes a look at this issue and asks experts to weigh in on the topic. Do…

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Study Confirms Going Organic Reduces Health Risks

These studies are particularly interesting because they confirm a number of issues. Non-organic foods contain higher levels of pesticides. Pesticides such as glyphosate are linked to an increased risk of cancer. Organic foods actually reduce the health risks posed by pesticides by reducing the amount of pesticides present in the body. Interestingly, the studies that showed the weakest…

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Study Reveals that Heavy Smoking Affects Vision

It appears that smoking affects more than just your lungs and predisposition to diseases such as cancer and heart disease. A new study has drawn a link between heavy smoking and the ability to discern colours and contrasts. Yet another reason to give up smoking. Study: Heavy Smoking May Damage Vision Heavy smoking may actually…

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Eating Low-calorie Food Improves Cell Performance

Low-calorie diet may improve cell performance | IOL Consuming low-calorie food may have a protective effect against some diseases as the number of calories a person eats directly influences the performance of various cells, researchers say. The study on mice showed that a low-calorie diet can protect the brain from neuronal cell death associated with…

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Food From Work Makes You Fat

Junk Food Really is Killing Us

Is your workplace making you fat? | Health24 Researchers surveyed more than 5 000 people and found that about one in four working adults said they got food or beverages from work at least once a week. Many of those foods were high in calories, processed grains, and added sugar and salt, according to scientists…

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Job Stress Linked to Weight Gain Among Women

A study has shown that stress in the workplace is causally linked to weight gain among women. Researchers speculated that it may be related to the fact that women often take a leading role at home and this leads to little time for exercise. High job stress can lead to weight gain in women |…

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Married People Tend to be Healthier

Despite the fact that marriage tends to be hard work and that married couples often find themselves at loggerheads and at times disparaging their spouses when out of earshot, new research indicates that married couples tend to be healthier than unmarried couples. Being married is actually good for your health | IOL Researchers have found…

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What is the RDA for Omega 3?

Omega-3’s are polyunsaturated fatty acids that are believed to provide general support for heart health, healthy blood lipids, brain health and wellness. There isn’t an official recommended daily allowance that indicates how much one should take, but there is research that gives some indications. How much omega-3 do people need per day? Omega-3s are important…

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Eating Before Sleeping Won’t Elevate Blood Sugar Levels

An observational study was published in the journal BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health in which researchers analysed three years of health data from 1,550 healthy middle-aged and older adults in Japan. The study indicates that eating before sleeping didn’t elevate the blood sugar levels of the study subjects. Eating Before Bedtime Won’t Spike Blood Sugar…

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Anti-Inflammatories May Increase the Risk of Heart Attacks

A recent study has found that non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) found in many over-the-counter cold and flu medications could increase blood pressure. When the body is weakened by such ailments, the extra stress on the body caused by these medications appears to be a significant cause of heart attacks. Anti-inflammatory drugs may put you at heart…

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Natural Remedies for Sunburn

Don’t you just loathe getting caught out by sunburn? Let’s face it, despite our best intentions, we all let down our guard to have a little fun in the sun and before we know it, our skin is red and angry and we’re scratching for some kind of relief. Here are a few tips to…

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Boost Your Child’s Immune System

One of the many ways that we, as parents try to prevent disease in our families, is to become OCD household cleaners, but this habit actually has the opposite effect. Instead of bolstering your children’s immune system, they actually become weaker because they aren’t being regularly utilised. Also, excessive exposure to household cleaners and chemicals…

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Job Insecurity May Affect Your Heart Health

In today’s economic state of volatile employment, it’s no wonder that people have become so unhealthy. Not only is diet and exercise a direct contributor to your health, but your employment status is also a direct contributor to your diet and exercise levels. A new study finds that people who endure large swings in income over the years…

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Organic Highlights for January 2019

organic world

As part of our promise to bring you the best in original writing and accurate news, we’ve curated some of the latest, most trending organic news highlights from the most newsworthy websites and feeds around the internet that are relevant to you. A landmark year for sustainable foods: 5 trends that will dominate in 2019 Consumer interest…

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Does Topical Cannabis Oil Work for Muscle Pain?

topical cannabis oil

This morning, after two and a half hours of Ashtanga yoga, I sat at my desk taking in just how stiff and sore my shoulders were. It was that deep pain that’s not the result of injury, but rather of an intense challenge to the muscle group’s range of motion and endurance. Chance would have…

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Study: Many prefer medical marijuana over prescription drugs

medical marijuana

A study has found that almost half of all users taking medical marijuana stopped or reduced their dosage of at least one pharmaceutical drug. This study further cements the idea that people believe that medical marijuana is as effective as pharma medication, in some cases more effective. The study, by Daniel Kruger of the UM Institute…

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CBD Infused Foods and Beverages

cbd infused foods and beverages

CBD infused foods and beverages are set to become the hottest thing in restaurants and supermarkets this year, according to many sources, and chefs are lining up to creat new gastromonical sensations using the new ingredient. Cannabis food, drinks are 2019’s hottest dining trend, top chefs say Chefs across the country say cannabis-infused food and…

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The Stages of Cancer Explained

stages of cancer

While there are many forms of cancer, they tend to share common characteristics that allow them to be categorised into stages. The stages of cancer are a means of classifying the size of a cancer and how far it has progressed into surrounding tissues and other parts of the body. Why is Staging Important? The…

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Is Vaping CBD Effective?

cbd vaping

Vaping CBD Vaping CBD is fast becoming a popular means to ingest the cannabinoid, where it enters the lungs and is diffused via the alveoli into the bloodstream. Some estimates put the bioavailability of vaped CBD in the region of about 50 to 60%, meaning that for every 10mg of CBD you ingest by vaping, around 5-6mg…

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