Cibdol Soridol CBD Cream for Psoriasis 50ml


Ingredients: Cannabidiol (CBD), Berberine, Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 fatty acids, Vitamin A, D3 and Inositol.

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Product Information

Cibdol Soridol CBD Cream for Psoriasis

Fast Facts
  • Quantity: 50ml
  • Strength: 200mg CBD
  • Application: Apply a small amount of Cibdol Soridol CBD Cream for Psoriasis to areas with flaky or dry skin.

Cibdol Soridol CBD Cream for Psoriasis is a brand new skin care product made by Cibdol to naturally support the skin with Cannabidiol or CBD as it is more commonly known. This unique liposomal formula is comprised of selected high-quality herbal ingredients which spur the maturation of keratinocytes without the harshness of chemicals, which helps improve the skin’s structural and defence systems, restoring the pathological pathways that trigger symptoms of psoriasis.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune inflammatory disease that originates from numerous, diverse causes. Ultimately, inflammation is the cause of the physical symptoms which results in the skin becoming dehydrated, red and itchy. Psoriasis can cause traumatic physical and psychological effects in sufferers, which is why its origins are necessary to pin down. The triggers initiating psoriasis are many, including genetic predisposition. Furthermore, infections and diseases of the liver and kidneys can incite a psoriatic reaction as well. Even environmental and emotional stressors have been linked to psoriasis. What is difficult for scientists to ascertain are the differences between its causes and symptoms.

Soridol’s CBD-rich formula includes ingredients Berberine, Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 fatty acids, Vitamin A, D3 and Inositol. Vitamin A is an essential part of healthy cell proliferation, which psoriasis sufferers lack. Myo-Inositol is an ingredient in psoriasis and eczema care that helps to reduce dryness. Omega Essential Fatty Acids are known to support skin hydration, locking in moisture and balancing the skin’s oil content. In the case of psoriasis, skin is harder to rejuvenate since many layers of the skin are excessively dry and flaky.

Many people struggling with dry, itchy skin suffer the psychological and physical consequences of breakouts, and the Soridol formula is designed to help with problem areas. At Cibdol, we believe in the power of CBD, and that’s why they continue to release products that highlight the organic efficacy of CBD without the presence of GMO’s, chemical fertilisers and additives.

  • Cibdol CBD Salve – Soridol.
  • Hemp Based CBD Cream.
  • CBD Content: 200mg.
  • Product size: 50ml
  • Swiss Made CBD Products.
  • Natural Psoriasis Relief Properties.
  • 100% Natural Skin Care.
  • Moisturising CBD Cream.
  • Itchy Dry Skin Relief.
  • High-grade Swiss purity.
  • Easy to use and apply.

No artificial preservatives, synthetic fragrances, phosphates, petrochemicals, chlorine or bleaches were used, and no animals were harmed to make this product.


Cannabidiol (CBD), Berberine, Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 fatty acids, Vitamin A, D3 and Inositol.


  • Apply a small amount of Cibdol Soridol CBD Cream for Psoriasis to areas with flaky or dry skin.
  • This product can be used 2 – 3 times daily and should not be used on broken or freshly injured skin.
  • Before applying this formula, remove excess flakes to promote maximum topical penetration.
  • Allow 1 – 2 minutes for the yellowness of the cream to incorporate thoroughly into the skin.
  • When using this cream, avoid contact with the eyes.
  • Avoid sun exposure while using Soridol and do not use if you are under narrowband UVB or PUVA treatment.

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Weight 200 g


Neither this product nor the contents thereof are intended as a cure for any disease or condition. Always consult a licensed healthcare practitioner before using any new product.

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    Its great it takes the itching away. Thanks its a great relief.

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