Crede Oils Organic Olive Oil Extra Virgin 1L


Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil.

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Crede Oils Organic Olive Oil Extra Virgin 1L

Organic extra virgin olive oil is rich in antioxidants and monounsaturated fatty acids which, studies have shown, help manage the risk of heart disease, reduce cholesterol levels, and blood pressure. Crede Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains no more than 0.8% acidity. Our organic olive oil is dark green in colour and has a fresh, grassy aroma with a subtle peppery aftertaste.

Olive oil is a fat obtained from the olive which is a traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean Basin. Consuming olive oil daily can significantly lower your risk of having a heart attack or suffering from a stroke or heart disease.


Organic Olive Oil.


Not suitable for cooking at high temperatures such as frying or baking.


Olive oil is Ideal for salads, marinades, vinaigrettes or sauces.

Additional information

Weight 1100 g


Neither this product nor the contents thereof are intended as a cure for any disease or condition. Always consult a licensed healthcare practitioner before using any new product.


  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    anton (verified owner)

    A really really nice olive oil. Great value.

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