Naturmade Organic Comfrey Tea 30 Teabags


Ingredients: Organic Comfrey.

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Naturmade Organic Comfrey Tea

Naturmade Organic Comfrey Tea contains organic Comfrey, which is mineral and anti-oxidant rich and known for its disease preventative properties. The Comfrey grows wild and is harvested by hand. At no point are any chemicals or pesticides used. Grown naturally in South Africa, Naturmade’s Organic Herbal Teas compete favourably with international brands, but at a substantially lower price point.

Naturmade’s Organic Herbal Teas are mineral and anti-oxidant rich and known for their preventative disease properties. Comfrey has been used for millennia and is well known for its healing properties. Historically, it was called the bone-knitter and used for millennia to heal broken bones. While many strains of Comfrey tea are high in toxic Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids, our Naturemade’s Comfrey Tea is a worldwide first being alkaloid-free while also containing high amounts of Allantoin, which is known for its myriad healing properties.*
*Research has been undertaken by Prof. Mazurro Gundidza of WITS Unversity.

  • Vitamin-rich: High in Vitamin A, B12 and C.
  • Mineral rich: High in Potassium, Zinc, Selenium and Magnesium.
  • Potent bone, wound and skin healing properties.

No artificial preservatives, synthetic fragrances, phosphates, petrochemicals, chlorine or bleaches were used, and no animals were harmed to make this product.


Organic Comfrey.


Brew as you would any tea, to your taste.

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Weight 50 g


Neither this product nor the contents thereof are intended as a cure for any disease or condition. Always consult a licensed healthcare practitioner before using any new product.


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