Southern Cape Tea Co Organic Honeybush and Rooibos Tea 20 Teabags


Ingredients: Organic Cyclopia (honeybush), organic Aspalathus linearis (rooibos).

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Southern Cape Tea Co Organic Honeybush and Rooibos Tea (20 Teabags)

Honeybush and Rooibos contain many of the 14 minerals essential to health and well-being. Among these are the critical elements: Iron, Potassium, Calcium, and Manganese, which play vital roles in the prevention of anaemia, fluid balance abnormalities, and for adequate bone growth and repair. These compounds counter oxidative stress, and prevent the production of free radicals, helping to maintain the natural immune defence system. Honeybush tea has numerous proven health benefits, including anti-diabetic and anti-carcinogenic properties. Additionally, Honeybush Tea is known to have a stabilising effect on the control of blood sugar levels. Rooibos also has high levels of antioxidants, does not contain caffeine, and has low tannin levels. Rooibos Tea assists with nervous tension, allergies and digestive problems; alleviating infantile colic, allergies, asthma and dermatological conditions.


Organic Cyclopia (honeybush), organic Aspalathus linearis (rooibos).

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Weight 200 g


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