DNA Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer Red


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DNA Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer Red

The DNA Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer Red is a compact masticating juicer that is a complete departure from the standard masticating method. The Cold Press Technology System method allows the DNA Juicer to extract the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins, taste and juice from a minimum amount of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, even soybeans! The DNA cold press juicer features an extra wide feeding chute to fit whole fruits and vegetables, and produces pure, clean juice by squeezing produce through a dual-stage juicing process.


– Dual Stage Juicing: juice is extracted through the first crushing stage and before the pulp is ejected, it is then squeezed during the second pressing stage; resulting in more juice, and extremely dry pulp.
– Higher yields: in-house testing found the DNA Juicer yielded 50% more juice than a centrifuge juicer in 50% of the time.
– Economical: Get the greatest amount of juice from the least amount of fruits. Peels and skins can be also used in various pastries, jams, soups, etc.
– Better, Healthier Juice: Enjoy more antioxidants, better flavor and superior freshness of your juice. No frothing or foaming, and none of the separation that occurs with other juicers.
– Easy to Clean: Simply pour water through to clean the juicer when changing to another fruit, vegetable or leafy green. Save time!
– Small Footprint: all of the performance of a masticating single auger juicer, but with less space requirements than most centrifuge-style juicers.
– Vegetable Juice: The DNA juicer excels at making juice out of your favorite leafy greens and wheatgrass.
– Silence: The DNA juicer minimizes the noise by squeezing slowly rather than grinding at high speed like centrifugal juicers. The 8 x harder auger is manufactured out of GE Ultem material.




– Model: DNA002-20M02
– Voltage: 220 V Frequency 60Hz
– Power Consumption: 150w
– Speed: 65 RPM
– Motor: Single-Phase induction type
– Dimensions: 9.84″L x 6.81″W x 15.83″H
– Weight: 9 Kg
– Includes: Dual stage screen, pulp extraction plugs, self-cleaning screen holder, two 1.5l juicing jugs, tamper, brush, juice tap, instruction manual, Juicing Recipes Manual.


– Motor: 10 Years
– Parts: 1 Year

Additional information

Weight 10500 g
Dimensions 408 × 236 × 735 mm


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