Filtershop Triple 3-Stage Direct Line Under-Counter Water Filter


Usage: Home use.

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Product Information

Filtershop Triple 3-Stage Direct Line Under-Counter Water Filter

The Filtershop Triple 3-Stage Direct Line Under-Counter Water Filter removes sediment, mud, dirt, rust, chlorine and heavy metals and also inhibits the growth of bacteria. It is easy to maintain and is neatly installed under the kitchen counter and directly connected inline to the cold water tap outlet. The system has both a bracket and a stand, so it can be wall-mounted or placed standing inside the cupboard under the counter.

Standard or Direct Line?

The direct line Water Filter is piped directly into your cold water line, thereby changing the cold water tap output to filtered water. If you have a granite or marble top and sink that you’d rather not drill through, then the direct line would be your preferred choice. Otherwise, rather consider the standard under-counter Water Filter.

Filtration Stages
  • Stage 1: 1um (Micron) Sediment Filter removes particles as small as 1 micron from the water.
  • Stage 2: Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) Filter is a mixture of KDF 55 and granular activated carbon. The KDF kills bacteria and reduces heavy metals by means of a reduction reaction, allowing a much longer lifespan before bacteria starts to grow in the filter.
  • Stage 3: Pleated Filter (0.2 Micron) is a physical barrier with pores small enough to block bacteria. It dramatically reduces flush times making the system quicker to install and easier to maintain.
Keep in mind
  • The cold water tap output will be converted to filtered water. If this is not ideal, consider the Line 3-Stage Under-Counter Water Filter.
  • The 1 Micron Sediment Filter, Premium KDF filter and 0.2 Micron Pleated Filter set needs to be replaced every 12 months. The 12-month lifespan is only an estimate and depends on the quality of your municipal water source.
  • If your water source is of poor quality, you may want to consider the Gold Reverse Osmosis 6-Stage Under-Counter Water Filter.
  • Minerals are too small to be removed by the filters in this filtration unit. Should this be a concern, you may want to consider the Gold Reverse Osmosis 6-Stage Under-Counter Water Filter.


  • Maintenance is easy and low cost.
  • Filtered water tastes and smells great.
  • Preserve the natural minerals in the water.
  • Removes chemicals such as Chlorine.
  • No water wasted during filtration.
  • Low filter replacement cost.
  • No electricity required.


Home use.


Items and components included in the price:
  • Mounting bracket.
  • 1x 10″ Sediment Filter Cartridge.
  • 1x 10″ Premium Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) Filter Cartridge.
  • 1x 10″ 0.2 Micron Water Cartridge.
  • 1x Plastic housing spanner (special tool for replacing the filters).
  • 1m 15mm Flex Tubing.
  • 3 x 10″ Filter Housings.


1 Year warranty excluding filter cartridges or damage due to pressure spikes or water hammer.

Additional information

Weight 5500 g
Dimensions 400 × 150 × 500 mm


Neither this product nor the contents thereof are intended as a cure for any disease or condition. Always consult a licensed healthcare practitioner before using any new product.


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