Lipolife Liposomal Nucleotide Complex 250ml


Ingredients: Nucleotide Complex, Phosphatidylcholine derived from non-GMO soy lecithin, Potassium Sorbate, Betaine, D Ribose, Vitamin E, Purified Water, Citric Acid.

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Lipolife Liposomal Nucleotide Complex 250ml

Lipolife Liposomal Nucleotide Complex 250ml is formulated with GMO-free soy lecithin. Each 5ml teaspoonful contains 250mg Nucleotide Complex and each 250ml bottle contains 50 servings. It has been developed and manufactured in a HACCP registered European laboratory using only European sourced components. Special techniques have been used to ensure the stability and efficacy of this product.

Every cell in your body contains over a billion nucleotides per cell. Nucleotides are important for many biological functions, including their role as the building blocks of DNA and RNA, both of which are essential biomolecules in all life-forms on Earth. Purine and pyrimidine nucleotides fill a variety of metabolic roles, primarily as the energy currency of the cell. In some cases, they are also signalling molecules, acting like hormones directly or as transducers of the information. New research suggests that a new way to prevent precancerous cells from developing could be to increase the amount of available DNA building blocks, nucleotides so that the DNA could be synthesised properly and with fewer additional mutations.

For people with celiac disease supplementing with nucleotides could be highly beneficial to assist the small intestine repair from inflammation damage and promote villi growth. For endurance and performance athletes, nucleotides are essential for muscle function. Besides protein synthesis, they improve oxygen transport and reduce the effects of lesions in the intestinal tract and muscles, potentially decreasing recovery time and the impact of the high-intensity activity.

For those susceptible to the flu virus, if the nucleotide supply is insufficient, the viruses will proliferate unhindered, which may lead to more severe symptoms and prolonged illness. Studies have also shown that nucleotides can help reduce cortisol accumulation and therefore reduce stress.

The body requires assistance via dietary intake as whilst the body can make nucleotides itself or salvage them from dying cells, certain types of cells require supplementary nucleotides provided in a person’s diet.

Lipolife brings you the very best food supplements in a liposomal form guaranteeing you quality and absorption. A liposome is a nano-sized bubble or sphere (vesicle) made from a phospholipid (in many cases phosphatidylcholine, the same substance found in our cell membranes). Liposomal Encapsulation is a process that fills these bubbles with hydrophobic or hydrophilic substances such as Vitamin C, Glutathione, CoQ10 etc. Liposomal Encapsulation Technology provides a very effective method of bypassing the destructive elements of the gastric system and aiding the encapsulated nutrient to be delivered to the cells and tissues.

• 250mg per 5ml teaspoon.
• 50 servings per 250ml bottle.
• No sugar or sweeteners.
• No flavourings.
• No colourants.
• Highest quality European ingredients.

No artificial preservatives, synthetic fragrances, phosphates, petrochemicals, chlorine or bleaches were used, and no animals were harmed to make this product.


Nucleotide Complex, Phosphatidylcholine derived from non-GMO soy lecithin, Potassium Sorbate, Betaine, D Ribose, Vitamin E, Purified Water, Citric Acid.


• Pregnancy and breastfeeding: Coenzyme Q-10 is POSSIBLY SAFE when taken by mouth appropriately during pregnancy. Coenzyme Q-10 has been used safely twice daily starting at 20 weeks until delivery. Not enough is known about the use of coenzyme Q-10 during breastfeeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.
• Chemotherapy: There is some concern that coenzyme Q-10 might lower the effectiveness of some chemotherapy drugs. People undergoing chemotherapy with certain drugs should use coenzyme Q-10 with caution.
• High blood pressure or low blood pressure: Coenzyme Q-10 might lower blood pressure. It can increase the effects of medications used to lower blood pressure. Discuss your use of coenzyme Q-10 with your healthcare provider if you have blood pressure problems.
• Smoking: Cigarette smoking depletes the amount of coenzyme Q-10 stored by the body.
• Surgery: Coenzyme Q-10 might interfere with blood pressure control during and after surgery. Stop using coenzyme Q-10 at least two weeks before a scheduled surgery.
Product warnings obtained from WebMD.


• Shake gently before use.
• Take 1 teaspoon or more per day as recommended by your healthcare professional.
• Keep refrigerated after opening.
• Can be mixed with water or juice to dilute.

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Neither this product nor the contents thereof are intended as a cure for any disease or condition. Always consult a licensed healthcare practitioner before using any new product.


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