Imsyser Internal Microbial Stabilizer Pre & Probiotic Liquid 500ml


Ingredients: Composition per dosage of 15ml: Herbal extract blend containing Chamomile, Rose Hip, Olive Leaf, St. John’s Wort, Elderberry, Siberian Ginseng, Astralagus 150mg, Purified and Structured Water 16515mg, SCD EM food Grade 600mg, 100% Natural Fruit Juices 525mg, Molasses 150mg, Kelp 45mg, Sodium Chloride 15mg.

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Imsyser Internal Microbial Stabilizer Pre & Probiotic Liquid

Imsyser Internal Microbial Stabilizer Pre & Probiotic Liquid was designed to support this lacking healthy cocktail of pre- & probiotics crucial in supporting the internal balance of Digestive tract. A “12 STRAIN” liquid needing NO REFRIGERATION, unique in its design. Promotes optimal gut balance and health and is NOT affected by the stomach pH as it travels past such restoring the balance from the mouth all the way through the digestive tract, and all the way to the lowest end of the gut. Made up of a soil-based organism in total symbiosis with a natural cocktail of pre & probiotics as mimicked in the gut. This symbiotic interaction is the source of the enzymatic release for improved digestive functions.

It is a fact that the role and importance of bacteria in human health has been grossly under-estimated and generally misunderstood by members of the public, as well as many in the medical fraternity. It is crucial to understand this unique probiotic production to provide this vital understanding of bacteria in its relationship to the human body, and how the handling of bacteria alone opens the door to a new era and understanding in human health.

The gastrointestinal tract’s healthy functioning relies 100% on the presence of beneficial bacteria. Beneficial bacteria aid in digestion, correcting pH balance, break-down of foods and the prevention of the build-up of harmful bacteria. A cross-section of beneficial bacteria types exists in different parts of the small and large intestine. They all act together as a ‘whole’ to consume much of the simple carbohydrate food sources available in the intestinal tract so that harmful bacteria and organisms are deprived of food, and they then act as nutrition for the beneficial bacteria in the gut. The bacteria in your bowels out-numbers the cells in your body by a factor of 10 to one.

Therefore this gut flora has incredible power over the Immune System, dictating the health of the gut, and of the body, and is largely tied into the health of the brain. This becomes understandable when one looks at the fact that there are over 100 trillion bacteria – about 2 kilograms worth – that lines the intestinal tract. This is an extremely complex living system that aggressively protects the body from outside offenders. Beneficial bacteria (as well as pathogens) are almost entirely killed off with the use of antibiotics, which many doctors tend to give out like candy to patients who come with any bacterial or viral illness. It is now generally understood that a daily dose of probiotics is needed not as part of a treatment programme but essential to the replacement of that which should have been part of the original food chain (now completely missing even as far down as soil level!!)

Repeated use of antibiotics can virtually eradicate the good bacteria in the gut, which have to build up from scratch again each time a course of antibiotics is taken, allowing harmful bacteria and harmful yeasts to gain a foothold in the digestive tract and multiply at a high rate. This is exacerbated by poor modern-day diets high in sugar and simple carbohydrates. Also, there is considerable evidence to suggest that eating antibiotics-fed animal meat can kill off good bacteria in the digestive tract and therefore encourage harmful micro-organisms to overgrow. Most non-organic meat derivatives are from antibiotic-fed animals. Pathogenic bacteria, Candida and parasites thrive and grow in exponential numbers on account of modern eating habits, mainly a high sugar intake, a high pasteurised dairy intake, a high wheat intake and high alcohol intake.

Diets high in such foods tend to provide an ideal environment for harmful organisms in the intestinal tract, which multiply in alarming numbers. All of the foreign organism problems have a significant impact on the Digestive System, Immune System and overall health. They put a constant strain on the Immune System and secrete a variety of toxins straight into the blood and digestive system, often spreading throughout the entire body, and may well contribute to early ageing, general loss of Energy and general ‘dis-ease’.

Poor digestion also leads to reduced nutrient uptake and vitamin and mineral deficiencies that, over the years, can build-up and massively impact the biochemical balances of the body and the efficiency of the essential health processes such as the neurotransmitters, hormones and energy production. Harmful organisms are known to contribute to conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Irritable Bowel Disease (Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s Disease), Bloatedness, Poor Digestions, Poor internal Flora Balance, Poor Immunity and Poor Brain/Emotional functioning as well as Weight gain and much more. These conditions are likely to be partly the result of inflammation on account of overgrowth of harmful organisms and presence of large amounts of toxins in the digestive tract. Hydrogen Sulphide is an endogenous (growing within the organism and not having any external cause) toxin produced in the body by the action of these harmful bacteria, Fungi (such as Candida Albicans) & fermenting sugars in the gastrointestinal tract.

No artificial preservatives, synthetic fragrances, phosphates, petrochemicals, chlorine or bleaches were used, and no animals were harmed to make this product.


Composition per dosage of 15ml: Herbal extract blend containing Chamomile, Rose Hip, Olive Leaf, St. John’s Wort, Elderberry, Siberian Ginseng, Astralagus 150mg, Purified and Structured Water 16515mg, SCD EM food Grade 600mg, 100% Natural Fruit Juices 525mg, Molasses 150mg, Kelp 45mg, Sodium Chloride 15mg.


During pregnancy and lactation, please consult your health specialist.


Adults age 16+: Take 2-3 Tablespoons per day.
Children age 2-12: Take 1-3 teaspoons per day.

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Weight 550 g


Neither this product nor the contents thereof are intended as a cure for any disease or condition. Always consult a licensed healthcare practitioner before using any new product.


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